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Still Playing With Toys

New toy smell. Close your eyes and embrace the moment again; the moment you first saw, held, felt your favorite toy. You remember. Everyone remembers...

Here are some favorites.

The classic toys, retro toys, traditional toys, nostalgic toys, vintage toys, dolls, games, board games...


Climb into the Radio Flyer.

Or slide onto the seat of your Green Machine. Partner up with your best buddy and his Big Wheel. Get ready for the day. It’s time to play.


Tighten the key on those skates.

Get behind the wheel of your Barbie Corvette. Grab the Barbie house, too. And you may as well bring Brikette because, well, you just never know when you’ll need a sassy brunette to back you up.


Hop on your Stingray – Schwinn or Huffy…

Grab the Kenner SSP’s with the sound of power. Hope your T-handle power stick holds out, because you’ll end up whacking the heck out of your buddy with it if he doesn’t get you first!


Strap on the jet pack. Buck Rogers is waiting.

Blast to the past and enjoy the simpler times, the times you spent with your friends, and the hours you spent with your favorite toys. For just a moment, savor the times again.

Why hang out with BLiPPEE?

Because we're always on the lookout for vintage toys and other cool playthings and accessories that you used to rave about - items that make you say, 'I gotta have one of those...' or 'I used to have one of these...' or 'I always wanted one...'

Lighten up, Francis. It’s about toys. Classic toys, retro toys, toy reviews, toy makers, kids toys, traditional toys, nostalgic toys, vintage toys, old fashioned toys, early childhood toys, dolls, games, board games and more. We love toys, and we like to pass on some awesome information about vintage toys. We believe every toy has a story and each person’s relationship with his or her toys is unique. We talk, write, laugh, and cry about our toys But wait, we actually seek out and find cool stuff, too!
We fix them up and clean them out and make them feel good again. The toys remember how you used to love them. Yes…the toys remember…
Mostly. But unfortunately, some cannot be saved. But it wasn’t because no one tried. We tried. BLiPPEE tried.
We make them available for toy lovers like you. In places like Etsy and ebay and the BLiPPEE Store.
In short, no. But check out our page What’s It Worth to get our take on it.
Wouldn’t you? 😉
We also rescue rare and interesting items from their eventual demise; things almost gone, but not forgotten. These cool, vintage treasures ultimately make their way to BLiPPEE’s various outlets, where they anxiously await their new owners.

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