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Bowl-A-Matic Game

by Eldon

Originally selling for $16.98, this unique game received an Honorable Mention from Popular Mechanics’ “Toys Of The Year” awards in November of 1962. In January, 2010, There was a nice one of these listed on ebay. It sold for $610.To play, aim the bowler and his marble “bowling ball” with the handle at the near end of the “alley”, then pull it like a pinball machine and the spring-loaded arm lets ‘er rip. After your first shot, the assembly at the other end performs the following:

  • picks up the remaining pins
  • sweeps the downed pins to the back
  • resets the remaining pins into position
  • returns the ball to the player

To accomplish this, simply turn the hand crank to move the pin-setter assembly. It’s just like being there! Brand new, it came with an instruction sheet, score sheets and a ‘Handy Order Blank’ for when you run out. This vintage bowling game measures more than four feet in length. Its base is brown simulated-wood, or blue, molded plastic. The center alley is a type of fiber wood.

Eldon Bowl-A-Matic gets an honorable emntion in Popular Mechanics.





Thanks to ebay member maggiedog2005 for some of these awesome pics.

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  1. matty k.  November 2, 2016

    I am looking for Bowl a Matic

  2. Larry  March 25, 2016

    Still looking for one…….

  3. Harold  January 20, 2016

    I had one of those Eldon Bowl a matic and would love to find one to buy with or without the box

  4. Teresa  May 9, 2015

    I am looking for an Eldon Bowling Machine for my son.

  5. max schwartzmeyer  January 22, 2015

    I have one that I would sell. It is in the box (albeit a LITTLE rough), toy works and looks great. I am not sure if it is the original bowling ball (looks like a black marble ??). Offers ??? I have researched these a little, so serious offers only please. If the offer seems “real” I will post or send pictures.

  6. Brenda Cook  December 22, 2013

    wish I could find one of these for my husband he had one as a kid

  7. Martin Buck  December 10, 2013

    Mine was red but I recall that there was a red plastic “ceiling” or “hood” over the bowling lane. I never see one like that. Have you?

    • Les - admin  December 14, 2013

      Hi Martin – Very interesting. I haven’t seen one yet with a hood over the entire bowling lane. Too bad you don’t have an old picture…

  8. Richard  August 29, 2013

    I have 4. 2 blue and 2 brown. I paid 700.00 for the blue one in almost mint condition about 7 years ago. none for sale yet.

  9. Wayne  September 4, 2012

    Hi Les,Thanks for the info on this game as i still have one that i had as a kid in 1962.No box but in working order with score cards etc.Mine has a blue molded base(not brown),does this make it any more rare?

    • Les - admin  September 5, 2012

      Hi Wayne.

      Although the blue base is more cool looking (in my opinion), from what I’ve found, it doesn’t seem to be any more rare or valuable than the brown base bowl-a-matic. As you know, the value of the bowl-a-matic is based on its overall completeness and working order. Sales I’ve witnessed have not varied according to color, but condition.

      Awesome that you still have yours from childhood!

  10. Jeremy  November 2, 2011

    If you have one NOT for sale or are very familiar with them….

    I just acquired one that doesn’t work at the pin end. Would you be able to describe or take a photo of how the metal piece attached to the worm drive intersects with the metal piece attached to the turn crank? Thank you!

    • Les  November 2, 2011

      Hey Jeremy.

      I don’t currently have one. However, follow this link: . The story that goes with the video tells about a guy who found a broken one and repaired it to working condition. He may just be able to send you some pics. Tell him BLiPPEE sent you! Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you get yours going!

  11. Justus  October 22, 2011

    So do you have it for sale or not,im 11

    • Justus  October 22, 2011

      Don’t tell me you don’t have it because im obsessed with bowling.

    • Les  October 23, 2011

      Sorry, my friend. No, we don’t have it.

  12. Justus  October 16, 2011

    Do you guys still have eldon bowl-o-matic,if you do is it still selling for $16.98?

    If you see this text can you text back to me tonight or tommorow, thanks!

    • Les  October 21, 2011

      Haha. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn back the clock to 1962 and grab a couple dozen of these for $16.98 each? Sorry, Justus, but you must have skimmed the short blurb we’ve got here about the bowl-a-matic. Nowhere on this page does it say we even have one for sale, let alone for $16.98. If you ever find one for that price though, you’ll make a nice profit if you decide to resell it.

  13. doug williams  September 22, 2011

    still have this for sale??

    • Les  September 23, 2011

      Sorry Doug, but no. As of this writing there’s one on ebay with 20 hours left to go. I still see these go up online from time to time. Keep your eyes open, they’re still available!


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