Get the feeling again!

Funny Bones

by Parker Brothers

If ever there was a narrator trying to convince you a game is fun by his own forced laughter, this is it. If you think this looks like a fun, hilarious game you’d like to play with family and friends, here’s fair warning: DON’T WATCH THE TV COMMERCIAL (above). On the other hand, if you’re the type who touches your canker sores with your tongue even though you know it’s going to hurt, you may actually enjoy it.

Funny Bones, by Parker Brothers - Front of the box.I tried to like this game, really I did. After posting this video on YouTube, we received a priceless comment: “No, just no.”

Supposedly, playing the Parker Brothers game, Funny Bones, is like playing Twister, only your hands never touch the ground, except to draw another card. It’s hard to say this is a “nice try” by Parker Brothers.

The rules are simple.

Place all the cards on the floor face down. Everybody has a partner. All the couples should stand close to the cards. You can play simultaneously or in rotation as determined by mutual agreement. At the word “GO”, one person in each of the couples picks up a card and follows the instructions on the card.

Funny Bones, by Parker BrothersSo the play proceeds until one couple drops two of their cards. At that time, the numbers on the cards held by the couples is totaled to determine the winner of that round. Three rounds are played and the winning couple is the couple with the most points after three rounds.

Additional rules are in the instructions, which can be found here.

  • The game is for everyone. The box tells you Funny Bones is for adults, teenagers and children.
  • The box also says Funny Bones may be played anywhere. Exceptions could be the pool, lake or in the ocean.
  • Everyone learns the rules in seconds. We agree – the rules are simple.
  • The colors, illustrations and styling of the cards is awesome, vintage, pop-culture, classic 1960s.
  • The box describes Funny Bones as being perfect for family fun and adult evening entertainment. Hmm…adult evening entertainment. We surveyed 1,000 adults, ages 18 to 80 and asked them what they would describe as adult evening entertainment. The answer was multiple choice: 1. Funny Bones by Parker Brothers. 2. other. Of all answers received, not one adult chose Funny Bones.
  • When we played, not one contestant laughed. There was one exception when one of the contestants said, “So this horse walks into a bar…”
  • Unlike the actors in the TV commercial, we didn’t feel the urge to laugh after every move.
  • It was ok, but we didn’t really have fun.
  • Twister is easier to play.
  • With bodies actually touching in Twister instead of having a barrier (a Funny Bones card) between each other, Twister stands a better chance of morphing into adult evening entertainment than Funny Bones.

Funny Bones, by Parker Brothers

We’re trying to give Parker Brothers the benefit of the doubt here when we say, someone must have thought this was a good idea. There must have been test groups trying out the game. Some committee must have given the go-ahead to produce this game. So here’s how we think this could be fun:

Plan a throwback party. Look back to the late 1960s and remember the simpler times – the times when silly party games made you forget about the garbage around you. Forget about the draft. Forget about the war. Forget about the petty differences between those stiff establishment adults and your long hair.

Funny Bones, by Parker BrothersRemember the bell bottoms, the beads, the paisley and psychedelic colors. Throw some 45s on the record player. Break out the Funny Bones by Parker Brothers. Don’t take this game too seriously. Don’t expect to have all the fun the narrator and the actors say you should have. Kick back and let it happen…or not.

Either way, play a couple rounds of Funny Bones. Bring back the good times. Get the feeling again!

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