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by Kenner

Gabbigale, by Kenner

Gabbigale, by Kenner – She’ll say everything…

Talking dolls were all the rage in 1972. So, in 1972 Kenner came out with a very unique talking doll. Her name is Gabbigale. Gabbigale stands 18 inches tall and has a fully jointed body made of hard plastic. Her head is a soft vinyl with painted on eyes and a smiling painted mouth. And Gabbigale says everything.

Gabbigale, by Kenner

Gabbigale, by Kenner – shown with box.

Gabbigale comes in both Caucasian and African American. The Caucasian version has blonde rooted hair and blue painted eyes. She wears a navy blue dress with red printed sleeves and neck trim with matching panties, and red Mary-Jane shoes. The African American version has brown rooted hair and brown painted eyes. She wears a gold colored dress with the same red printed sleeves and neck trim with matching panties, and red Mary-Jane shoes. On the front of Gabbigale’s dress (in either race) is a blue or red plastic flower.

The unique thing about Gabbigale is the way she operates. Gabbigale is a battery powered/pull string doll that repeats what you say. To get her to talk, raise Gabbigale’s arm, pull the plastic flower pull string on her chest, and record what you want her to say. Gabbigale records for as long as her string is winding back in. Once the string has wound back up, lower Gabbigale’s arm, pull the string and she’ll repeat what you said.

African-American Gabbigale

The African-American Gabbigale was also available in 1972.

Gabbigale came with a fun slogan, “What little girl wouldn’t like to have a talking companion like Gabbigale? She is so much fun, and pretty too! She says everything you tell her to!” Well, that last line was both good and bad. See, if Gabbigale found herself in the wrong hands, she could say some pretty shocking stuff. Many little girls were pretty shocked to find out their Gabbigale’s could have quite the potty mouth. Gabbigale was also good for blackmailing that pesky little brother or bossy older sister.

Gabbigale runs on four AA batteries. At the time she was first released, Gabbigale cost $14.77. You can still pick her up for around the same price now, box included.

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