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Happy Apple

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by Fisher Price

Fisher Price, Happy Apple, Roly Poly Chime Toy

“A roly-poly chime toy that floats.”

The Fisher Price Happy Apple was first produced in 1972. Many are still in use and circulation today. The Happy Apple is a toy that, when pushed, makes a chiming noise. The Happy Apple may also be played with in the bath, as it floats and is waterproof. The earlier version has a happy, smiling face, two soft plastic leaves for teething, and a long brown stem.

Fisher Price, Happy Apple, Roly Poly Chime Toy

Fisher Price Happy Apple – The Roly Poly Chime Toy

In 1978, Fisher Price changed the look of the Happy Apple by swapping the long stem for a short stem. These versions are also a slightly different shade of red, and have eyes that looked forward instead of up. It is not clear why Fisher Price changed from long stem to short stem. Some speculate the longer stem was easier to break, given that a number of the remaining long stem Happy Apples have broken stems. Fisher Price also produced 50% fewer long stemmed Happy Apples. This makes them more valuable and sought after. The Happy Apple measures 6″ high x 4-1/2″ diameter and was originally targeted toward babies ages 3 months to 3 years. It has become a cult classic for kids’ toys. They are very popular in Japan and in the U.S.

And, yes, some people are still selling their Happy Apples!

There is a Happy Apple Fanclub on Facebook.

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