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Muttley Wacky Racers Eraser

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by Hanna Barbera

From the 1960s comes this awesomely preserved cereal box toy! It’s a Wacky Racers Muttley Eraser – it was FREE in specially marked boxes. Etched on the back with Hanna Barbera POD INC 1969, this very rare Wacky Races cereal toy comes in red.

Dick Dastardly and Muttley piloted the Mean Machine #00 (The Double Zero). Dick was the arch nemesis of every other Wacky Racer, Muttley was his sidekick. Dastardly’s rocket car was the fastest car in the series, though he never won a race.

This Muttley eraser is in fantastic condition, and nicely priced. It’s a rare gem of a cereal toy, and a piece of cartoon history.

They don’t make cereal toys like this any more. Don’t miss this one. At this price, in this condition we don’t expect it to last long.

Live the good times now. Get the feeling again!

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Very good.
Very shifty.
Very shady.
Very Dastardly.
Very Muttley.
Check out the pics!

Approximate dimensions:

1 1/2″ T


One of Dick Dastardly’s favorite phrases was, “Muttley, do something!”

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