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Nancy Nonsense

by Kenner

Kenner's Nancy Nonsense Doll, box pic

Kenner’s Nancy Nonsense Doll

“I wish I were a chocolate cake that goes oink! Oink!”
“That’s nonsense, Nancy!”
No, that’s Nancy Nonsense.

From 1974, Nancy Nonsense is one of Kenner’s cool, she-does-something-unique dolls. Nancy Nonsense spouts 216 different phrases. In keeping with her eclectic appeal and obvious name, many of Nancy’s phrases are pure nonsense like, “I think I saw a little pig flying in the sky!” However, some phrases Nancy speaks make perfect sense – “I wish I were a pretty girl like you!” With Nancy Nonsense, you never know what she’s going to say next.

Nancy Nonsense is an adorable, freckle-faced 18-inch doll with blonde rooted hair. Her hair is tied up in pigtails, and held in place with red ribbon bows. She has big, bright blue painted eyes, black painted eyelashes and pink lips. She wears a red and white polka dot short sleeved romper and white t-strap shoes.

Kenner's Nancy Nonsense Doll

Kenner’s Nancy Nonsense Doll

Like many other dolls from the 70s, Nancy does not require batteries. Instead, she has a pull string on the right side of her body which makes her talk.

When released, Nancy cost a whopping $19.97. Although pricey by 1974 standards, a doll like Nancy Nonsense was well worth the cost. Nancy Nonsense is relatively hard to find. There aren’t many around, and even fewer with original clothing and shoes. One possible explanation is that during the mid to late 70s, Kenner began to focus less on dolls and more on action figures. Due to Kenner’s highly successful release of Star Wars action figures in 1977, dolls began to take a backseat ride in the history-mobile of Kenner toys.

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