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Power Blocks Construction Sets

by Eldon Toys

Eldon, Power Blocks Construction Set, VehicleWith Eldon Power Blocks construction sets, you can create your own unique toys in minutes. The plastic building blocks–called “Power Blocks”– snap together into many configurations designed by Eldon and depicted in the instruction booklet that was included with the set.

You can also assemble the Power Blocks into infinite configurations of your own design. The limit is your imagination!

Eldon Power Blocks, Vehicle, Construction Set

Awesome starter set of Eldon Power Blocks

Eldon Power Blocks construction sets are available in a number of arrangements and kits of varying sizes and parts. When your projects are complete, you can actually watch the gears turn and the working parts move as your creation comes to life.

Inside the box, the parts are neatly packaged in a form-fitting Styrofoam tray. Parts include a battery and motor block, gears, driveshafts, pinions and axles as necessary and a remote control. Of course, there are connectors, wheels and other parts specific to your kit. All construction sets come with a color instruction sheet.

The Eldon Power Blocks construction sets provide endless hours of fun, imagination and creativity for anyone with an interest in build-it-yourself mechanical toys!

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  1. David Baldwin  September 4, 2014

    How do you go about acquiring these 1970 Eldon Power Block Sets since they are not in production anymore?

    • Mark Weiss  December 27, 2014

      I liked Power Blocks too when I was a kid. I had a heck of a time even finding pictures or mention on the internet. I’m “writing” you to let you know of something else, though. Can’t help on the Power Blocks, but if you liked them and were like me you might like Raytheon Lectron. Power Blocks — mechanical engineering. Raytheon Lectron — electrical. Was metal plate; then each component was a BLOCK with see-thru to see electrical part, on top was electronic symbol, magnet held blocks to plate and you just slid ’em together to connect electrically (they had contacts on sides). Super cool and educational. In U.S. we had several kits, but I just came to find that they were invented in Germany and apparently are huge. Way way way way more components there than we had in U.S.. There are some English websites, but don’t skip the German one. Between all their pdf’s some 2000 pages! Even if you don’t read German, some spectacular pictures and also very heavy-duty pedagogy. Good luck on the Power Blocks though.

    • William R Dodge  June 18, 2019


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