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Power Masters and Road Devils

by Remco

Power Masters Drag Chute Dragster

Power Masters Drag Chute Dragster Electronic Timing Set

In 1973, Remco introduced us to their Power Masters racing sets. Reminiscent of Kenner’s SSP’s, Remco released their original power-injected racers in 1965 with Duffy’s Daredevils. The Daredevils were followed by Remco’s Road Devils.

Like Road Devils, the Power Masters Drag Chute Dragster shown here is “power injected”. All you have to do is attach your dragster to the exclusive “Powermaster Power Injector”, grab the pistol grip handle, wind it up to the desired speed and press the release button! Just like the big ones, these beauties are ready for realistic, drag strip action.

Power Masters Drag Chute Dragster

The vehicle has a gear to power the rear axle. The Power Injector has a gear that’s powered by the crank handle. That Power Injector gear revs up the gear on your car! Check out the close up here.

The huge, 1-foot long Power Masters Drag Chute Dragsters were available in a variety of styles and colors.

The top of the exclusive power plant sported an awesome decal of an explosive spark with the word “Powermaster” inside the spark, along with the Remco logo and the words “Power Injector”. There was a crank on the side big enough to let a guy feel the power. Wow. What more could you ask for? Accessories, that’s what.

remco road devils racer--hot-pinkOne of the most awesome accessories available for the Power Master Drag Chute Dragster was the Electronic Timing Set with the realistic-looking checkered control tower. This set included a state-of-the-art electronic beam. As your dragster raced through the beam of light, your ET was accurately calculated and recorded on the tower. Heck, you could actually get the Electronic Timing Set (style 7193) with the dragster included. This baby required 4 “D” batteries, which of course were not included.

Road Devils Racers

remco road devils racer--hot-pink

Like the Drag Chute Dragster, Remco’s Road Devils Racers were gyro-motorized, Power Injector propelled. But more than just straight line dragsters, the Road Devils were cool, high-jumping, trick-shooting, wheelie-popping dynamos!

remco road devils racer-gear drive up close

The Pistol Grip Power Injector included a bright, multi-colored “power gauge” face for complete control. No batteries required for this far out vehicle. And talk about durable – these babies were made from CYCOLAC™, the plastic that protects the Pros – NFL, that is. You even have the NFL logo on the box to prove it!

The remco road devils racerRoad Devils Racers came in a good variety of styles and colors: green, tan, yellow, orange and more. They even came in hot pink!

If you didn’t likremco road devils racer-lime greene Kenner’s SSPs, or you simply wanted to try something different, Remco’s Power Masters Drag Chute Dragsters or the trick Road Devils Racers were an awesome alternative!

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