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Prof. I.M. Smart Game

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by Transogram

Transogram, Prof. I.M. Smart Game Why does the hummingbird hum? Professor I.M. Smart knows. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Professor I.M. Smart knows. What is air? Professor I.M. Smart knows.

Transogram released this now vintage game in the 1960s. Intended as a teaching tool for children ages 6-10, Professor I.M. Smart makes learning fun. This 10″ x 10″ game comes loaded with 144 questions especially selected for the targeted age group. There’s really nothing to playing the game. You select the question and place it under the Professor’s “magic” moustache. Then just tilt the moustache forward from the top and back again. Now, lift the moustache from the bottom up and presto: the answer is reflected in the mirror that’s hidden underneath!

Here are the instructions on the back of the box:

  1. Cut questions at perforations.
  2. Raise bottom of moustache and place question face up on mirror.
  3. Close moustache.
  4. Lift moustache open from top.
  5. Close moustache.
  6. Open moustache from bottom and read the answer in mirror.

Transogram, Prof. I.M. Smart Game

The answer “magically” appears!

Okay, open, close, open, close, open. With this kind of activity, Prof. I.M. Smart made BLiPPEE’s “Are They Serious?” selection. But hey, this could be fun! Especially if you’re aged 6-10. This cute, plastic-and-paper creation from Transogram is a wacky twist on an age-old dilemma: get the child to learn without bribing him or taking away his Trik Trak; maybe even make him like it! Not quite the handheld computerized game of tomorrow, but a blast for a cheap teaching solution for the 1960s!

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