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Classic Rebound TV Commercial

Ideal Toys, Rebound Game

Bank shots…angle shots…trick shots abound in this sizzling action game.

Rebound is a game first introduced in 1971 by Ideal Toy Co. The game is basically a tabletop version of shuffleboard, only more fun. The game is made of plastic, and has two rubber bands acting as the “cushions”. There are eight playing pucks, four red and four blue. The score slides on either side of the board keep each player’s score; red for the red player and blue for the blue.


image credit – Pauline Turner, Pinterest

The rules of the game are simple; Players take turns sliding one puck at a time up the right alley of the playing field toward the cushions. The pucks will then rebound off the cushions and slide back down the left alley of the playing field to the score areas. After each player has used his four pucks, the round is over and the scores are marked using the score slides. Each puck is scored based on where it lands in the score area. After tallying the scores, the round is over and the next round begins. The player with the highest score from the previous round goes first. The first player to score 500 points is the winner.

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rebound-the gameRebound sounds easy but there are some challenges. Players must be behind the “foul line” when they first slide their pucks. If you slide your puck too hard, you’ll end up in the pit area. This means your puck is out of play for the rest of the game, with no score. This is a problem since you only have four pucks and every score counts. You are not allowed to remove any pucks from the playing field until the game is over. If you don’t slide your puck hard enough to get into the score area, you cannot have a do-over. Players are allowed to knock their opponent’s pucks into the pit area, which prevents them from scoring.

You can also play Rebound on teams for added fun!

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  1. Donna Woehrmyer  June 8, 2020

    If it lands on a line how does it count

  2. liz  August 29, 2011

    What is the worth of this game in the original box with all 8 playing pieces?

    • Les  August 29, 2011

      Hi Liz.

      Although this is a cool 70s game, my personal experience is that I haven’t really seen them go for much – usually for under $20. Start here for my full opinion. I’ve seen similar viewpoints from other sites.

      As of today (8/29/2011), ebay has one in England with one $9.72 (US) bid. Here’s the link you may want to monitor, just to see how it turns out.

      Also, check out sites like Raving Toy Maniac and Kovels.

      Above all, have fun!


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