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Saucy Makes Faces Doll

by Mattel

Saucy Makes Faces Doll, Mattel

Saucy Makes Faces Doll

Mattel Saucy Makes a Yuck Face

Mattel Saucy Makes a Yuck Face

In 1973, Mattel released a silly little one-of-a-kind doll named Saucy. Saucy stands about 15” tall, has blonde, slightly curly rooted hair and blue eyes that move from side to side. She has a rubber face with painted on features, and plastic arms, legs and torso. Saucy wears a pink and white checkered dress with matching shorts, and white socks and shoes. The thing that makes Saucy one-of-a-kind is that she makes faces.

Mattel Saucy Makes Faces Doll

Cross-eyed Saucy Makes Faces

Saucy has 8 different facial expressions:

  1. Scared- Looking left, mouth upside down
  2. Goofy- Cross-eyed, smiling
  3. Mischievous- Looking right, smiling mouth open
  4. Shocked- Looking left, mouth open
  5. Half smile- Corner of mouth turned up
  6. Sleepy- Eyes closed, mouth open yawning
  7. Winking- One eye closed, mouth open
  8. Natural smiling

Mattel Saucy Makes Faces Doll Newspaper Ad

Saucy Newspaper Ad

African-American Saucy

African-American Saucy

Saucy requires no batteries. Just move her left arm up and down and watch as she makes eight different faces. With each face, Saucy’s mouth and eyes change positions from left to right, up to down, and varying degrees in between. Saucy can be scared, goofy, mischievous, shocked, or sleepy. She can wink at you, or give you a half smile, or simply smile naturally. Just be sure when you’re done playing with Saucy for the day you return her face to its original expression.

When Saucy was first released, she cost $13.99. She didn’t come with any accessories, just her clothes, shoes, and cute little self.

There’s a rumor that not long after Saucy was released, she was banned in certain areas because she was deemed offensive to cross-eyed people. I’ve never been able to verify this claim, but it would be interesting to know if it’s true.

Saucy is a love her or hate her kind of doll. She has made it into the top ten on numerous “Scariest Doll” lists. She has also made it just as high on “Cutest Doll” lists.

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  1. Paula LeLoup  September 13, 2017

    How much would she be worth today?

    • C  June 17, 2018

      I dont know but that doll rocks! It should be worth 5 million. Nothing like it in the world!

      • Carrie  June 17, 2018

        Let me know if u see its worth. Ty

      • Jenne Rowe  October 15, 2018

        I wish you had 5 million. I’m trying to find out how much she’s worth because I’m selling mine.

        • Julie perry  January 4, 2020

          Hi my ne is Julie from mi. I was wondering if you ever sold your saucy doll and what her worth was.
          I have one and I’m curious.
          Thank you! I lever felt my doll was creepy at all. You can’t blame her that they modeled chucky after her. She was a good dolly.

    • Rose  November 9, 2020

      So far I can’t get the information I asked for , what good are you if your can’t give me info ..


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