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SSP Racers

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by Kenner

SSP- Super Sonic Power! World’s Fastest Racers!

Kenner SSP Racers for 1972



Watch this classic TV commercial!

Kenner SSP King Cobra Here is one of Rainy’s favorite toys. These beauties were ready to race. No batteries required. No track required. And Gyro-powered! Get the Sonic Sound models of SSP and you hear the “howl of power”…sounds like real racers! According to the Owner’s booklet, you can collect and race according to authentic racing classes…Dragster, Futuristic, and Speed Shop. You could also join the exciting SSP Club! The cool display-type boxes the SSPs came in touted the racers’ Revolutionary power system. “The speed is in the gyro-wheel!”

Here’s what you listened to in 1972!
Here’s what you watched on TV in 1972!
Here’s what you saw at the movies in 1972!


Kenner SSP Racers Print AdRace indoors or out at up to 400 scale MPH! The faster you pull the “T” Handle Power Stick, the faster your SSP wil go. For added acceleration, give your SSP a slight push forward as you release it. One small drop of regular household oil on the bearings on both sides of the Power Wheel will give you still more speed. Time them or race them uphill. The limits are your own imagination!

Check out the pictures here of my SSP Sonic Sound King Cobra. No electronics here. No virtual realm, no video. The Kenner SSP Racers – toys you can touch with your hands; toys that are part of the real world.
Kenner SSP King Cobra, cockpit closeup Kenner SSP King Cobra Kenner SSP King Cobra, rear Kenner SSP King Cobra, rear closeup

Kenner SSP King Cobra, with T-handle ripcord Kenner SSP King Cobra, bottom, T-handle ripcord Kenner SSP King Cobra, bottom, Gyro-Wheel closeup Kenner SSP King Cobra, bottom, front wheel closeup

The Cars

Black Jack
Long, mean and lean. A sleek powerhouse from Kenner’s futuristic class. Has streamlined tail fins, “chromed” power plant, bubbled canopy over driver, and rubber-like snout.

Black Widow
6 1/2″ long. Sleek, shiny black vehicle with rubber-like nose cone and two vertical tail fins. Clear canopy with helmeted driver. Large “chrome” engine.

Available in the Smash-Up Derby play set.

Blazer Bike

Blue Monday
8 1/4″ long dragster. Has bicycle-type front wheels, a massive chrome engine, racing slicks and rubber-like bumper! Built to go!

Bonneville Bike

Boss Henry
Available in the Smash-Up Derby play set.

Available in the Smash-Up Derby play set.

Can-Am Racer

Copper Cart
6″ long. 2-Tone customized Model T Ford police wagon. Has big “chrome” engine, radiator and exshausts. Also, comes with racing slicks and is driven by Keystone Cop. Gyro-wheel hidden in this model.

Deuces Wild

Flair Pair
8 1/2″ long. Twin cockpits, futuristic styling, features aerodynamic tail fins, rubber-like nose cone. Built for speed!

G.T. Coupe
Styled after super sports cars. Has rubber-like bumper, megaphone-type dual exhausts, wrap-around windshield. A winner!

Guitar Chopper Cycle
Featuring Rockin’ Rick available in the Cycle Stunt Show play set.

Hustlin’ Hoss
King of the red hot stockers! This speed shop class beauty features authentic styling, aerodynamic spoiler, and huge “chrome” engine with wild exhaust stacks. Built to move!

Indy Racer
7 1/2″ long. Styled after rear-engine racers seen at the Indianapolis 500. Features new rubber-like nose cone, black racing slicks, “chrome-plated” rear engine with “chrome” exhausts.

Jet Star
7 1/2″ long. Clear canopy reveals driver inside. Has jet intake with a massive “chrome” exhaust system; rubber-like bumper.

King Cobra
8 1/2″ of super-hot speedster! A streamlined dragster class bomb with a single bicycle wheel in front and twin mags with drag slicks in the rear. Massive “chrome” engine, rear spoiler and rubber-like bumper.

Knight Rider
Laker Special

Luxury Limo
The super-classy ultra-luxurious limousine available in the Classy Crashers smash-up play set.

Mod Mercer
6 1/4″ long. Modified from classic 1914 auto – one of the most luxurious roadsters in automotive history. Has “chrome” hubcaps and exhaust.

Movin’ Marvin
Ram Jet

Rail Bird
8 1/4″ long dragster with bicycle-type front wheels, V-8 engine, rear slicks, and “chrome” hubs.

Sedan Royale
The Lincoln Continental Mark series coupe available in the Classy Crashers smash-up play set.

Siamese Slingshot
Streak Wave

Super Stocker
8 3/4″ long. Gyro-wheel hidden in this model. Replica of Plymouth-Daytona stock car racer. Comes with rubber-like nose and has a very high air foil.


Tough Tom
Available in the Smash-Up Derby play set.

Two Much
7 1/2″ long. 2-passenger futuristic design, dual rubber-like nose cones, air foil, racing slicks, “chromed” windshield.

Play Sets

Smash-Up Derby
Classy Crashers
Cycle Stunt Show

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  1. northierthanthou  February 9, 2017

    Loved my old SSP Racers. Had a few of them as I recall. I can’t imagine any toys that cool today.

  2. Randy Burbach  October 24, 2012

    I had a Black Jack, Two Much, Black Widow, Laker Special, Rail Bird, King Cobra, Deuces Wild, Ram Jet and a few Smash Up Derby cars.Absolutely THE best car toys of all time. I’ve seen toys coming out now with the t-pull power strips. Wish these would come back!

    • Les - admin  October 24, 2012

      Hey, Randy.
      I agree with you. Yours sounds like an awesome collection. I still have the cool King Cobra pictured here. Scratchy paint and some worn parts, but it still works and purrs like an SSP!

  3. zach Hutton  May 16, 2012

    Sure had fun racing these in 1-3 grade wish they would bring the group back. Also miss the clackers which seem to be lawsuit killed. We are abundant in memories if not childhood possesions.thanks for the excellent site.

    • Les - admin  October 24, 2012

      Hi Zach.
      Thanks for the compliment. I agree these were cool. So were the Clackers. With regard to the memories, pay them forward to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. If we don’t, who will? Play on!

    • MWW  January 18, 2018

      Hey, Zach Hutton, you may related to an SSP creator…your name is Hutton, and my classmate Stan Hutton used to bring in prototype SSPs that his Dad was working on! A huge hit!!! I’m not surprised they were also a big hit when they reached the market! He brought in other prototypes to this Cincinnati area grade school but I can’t remember them.


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