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Thunderstreak Hydrofoil

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by Ideal

Thunderstreak! Thunderstreak! Thunderstreak!

Ideal Thunderstreak Hydrofoil

Ideal Thunderstreak, newspaper ad from Thrifty

Ideal Thunderstreak, newspaper ad from Thrifty

The new super speed hydrofoil with five-position hydrin, you set for action.
Rev up the high-power prop… (Wind the rubber band.) Position the rudder… Check your course.
Thunderstreak speeds across water! For submarine action, it crash dives under water! Thunderstreak propels itself on maneuvers. You can make it turn, make it roll or bank! Then, Thunderstreak rises, surfaces and speeds away!
Take Thunderstreak on snow patrol. It even skates over ice!
Thunderstreak goes anywhere. So snap on land cruiser wheels and race with Thunderstreak on land.
On ice. Under water. Over water. Thunderstreak. There’s nothing in the world like Thunderstreak!

Introduced by Ideal in the late sixties, by 1969, you could get one at Thrifty Drug and Discount Stores for $1.96 plus tax! Click on the image to the right and see the newspaper ad from April of 1969.

Made only by Ideal.

Here’s what you listened to in 1969!
Here’s what you watched on TV in 1969!
Here’s what you saw at the movies in 1969!

Ideal Thunderstreak, high-power prop

The High-Power Prop

Ideal Thunderstreak, rudder closeup

Closeup of adjustable rudder

Ideal Thunderstreak, five-position hydro-fin closeup

Five-position Hydro-fin closeup

Ideal Thunderstreak, land cruiser wheels closeup

Land Cruiser Wheels closeup

Ideal Thunderstreak TV Ad

Ideal Thunderstreak TV Ad

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