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V-RROOM! Vehicles 1963-1964

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by Mattel

Mattel V-RROOM! Whip Racer

Mattel V-RROOM! Guide-Whip Racer

Mattel V-RROOM! Guide-Whip Racer

In 1963, Mattel brought us this precursor to remote control cars. The V-RROOM! Guide-Whip Racer – The V-RROOM! Guide-Whip Racer is controlled by a string that’s attached to a stick held by the “driver”. Mattel said, “…you control the action…” Test your skill on the slalom course, or go head-to-head with your racing buddies! Best of all: the faster it goes, the louder it gets!

Mattel V-RROOM! Dump Truck

Mattel V-RROOM! Dump Truck

The V-RROOM Dump Truck – Once again, you control it! With the real motor roar, this was yet another cool vehicle in the V-RROOM! line of vehicles. On the Dump Truck, the motor idles, races and roars as you operate the controls. It even vibrates realistically as the dump box rises and then unloads. It moves forward and backward, and dumps the load automatically. Mattel said this is a realistic heavy duty truck with a big cab, a big dump bed and a battery-powered electric drive motor for power dumping!

The V-RROOM! Skiploader – Another awesome sound machine! The Skiploader comes with control-arm-type handles to manipulate the action: scooping, dumping and all out heavy duty construction! Both the Dump Truck and the Skiploader run on 2 D batteries (not included, of course) and both came with complete operating instructions.

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Mattel V-RROOM! HOWLERR Missile Launcher Truck

Missile Launcher Truck

Mattel V-RROOM! Tow Truck

Tow Truck

Other boss V-RROOM! vehicles included:

The V-RROOM! Tow Truck, The V-RROOM! Pickup Truck and The V-RROOM! HOWLERR! Missile Launcher Truck

Interestingly, in July, 1966, CHANGING TIMES – The Kiplinger Magazine cited a dispute between Mattel and rival toymaker, Louis Marx and Co. It seems the Supreme Court had been asked to decide whether Mattel’s V-RROOM had been infringed upon by Marx. At issue was not the noise, but the actual trademarks of the two companies. Mattel protested that Marx’s sound effect name sounded too much like its V-RROOM!

The Louis Marx and Company sound: ZAZOOM! Are you kidding, Marx? ZAZOOM?! Sorry Mattel, but I can’t help laughing. Leave it to Marx.

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