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Saucy Makes Faces Doll

by Mattel

In 1973, Mattel released a silly little one-of-a-kind doll named Saucy. Saucy stands about 15” tall, has blonde, slightly curly rooted hair and blue eyes that move from side to side. She has a rubber face with painted on features, and plastic arms, legs and torso. Saucy wears a pink and white checkered dress with matching shorts, and white socks and shoes. The thing that makes Saucy one-of-a-kind is that she makes faces.

Saucy has 8 different ...

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by Kenner

Talking dolls were all the rage in 1972. So, in 1972 Kenner came out with a very unique talking doll. Her name is Gabbigale. Gabbigale stands 18 inches tall and has a fully jointed body made of hard plastic. Her head is a soft vinyl with painted on eyes and a smiling painted mouth. And Gabbigale says everything.

Gabbigale comes in both Caucasian and African American. The Caucasian version has blonde rooted hair and blue painted eyes. ...

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Baby Won’t Let Go

by Kenner

In 1977 Kenner released a unique doll called “Baby Won’t Let Go”. She isn’t the cutest doll, but she does something – she has the ability to hold onto your fingers like a real baby. When she does this, you can “teach” her how to walk. This is an interesting feature, because with all the other toy companies out there vying to make the most life like doll, this is one thing real babies do that ...

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