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Dragnet Board Game

by Transogram

Transogram’s Dragnet Board Game

“Just the facts, ma’am.” In true vintage form, this game is best described on the side of the box:

Do you have the instincts of a detective? Are you adept at interrogation, clever at deduction? You are! Then you must play this drama-packed game!

Here it is! – A realistic and exciting game of skill, deduction and luck for teenagers and adults, based on “DRAGNET,” famous on Radio, TV and in the movies.

From 2 to 6 “Sergeant Fridays” will thrill to the manhunt as they are thrown right into the middle of an authentic police action! The board is an aerial view of the big city, and you will be part of the chase through its streets.

Released in 1955, you and other detectives dragnet the streets in “squad cars,” pick up crime clues and question suspects, to build up a “case.” Each suspect may have committed more than one crime and be sought after by other “detectives,” or each crime may have its own suspect.

The winning “detective” is the one who solves the crime, finds the criminal, and is first to deliver him the Police Headquarters.

Interestingly, Transogram’s Perry Mason Board Game uses the same graphics on the front cover.

Transogram Dragnet board gameTransogram’s Perry Mason Board Game[/caption]Dragnet is a fascinating and absolutely unique game. No two games play alike; each new game is a new adventure for you. For hours of excitement, play “DRAGNET” tonight! Here’s a retro-vintage board game that was, and still is, a blast to play!

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  1. Nicholas Roche  May 26, 2013

    Not only did the PERRY MASON Game use the same box art, but many of the game components and much of the game play is the same as the DRAGNET Game. I have copies of both games, and the parts are almost interchangable; the main differences are the special spots on the game board and the game card elements and design (more like playing cards than “punch cards”). Gameplay differs in only a few minor elements, but the object is essentially the same; collect cards to determine the clues needed to solve a given crime, then capture the Suspect and return them to the Courthouse at the board center.

    • Les - admin  May 27, 2013

      Awesome that you have both games, Nicholas! Thanks for the additional info.

      • Roger Munyon  September 5, 2014

        Transogram also used the same format again for their 60s board game based on the ABC show “Arrest And Trial” – very similar to Law & Order. You are correct that the game is both timeless and fun to play. Good article. .


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