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Fingers Harry Board Game

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Topper Toys, Fingers Harry Board Game

Fingers Harry Board Game by Topper Toys

Fingers Harry, the vintage cops and robbers board game, was made in the 1960s, and was one of the few board games manufactured by Topper Toys. The Topper Toys brand of the Deluxe Reading Company used mainly print advertising and television commercials. Not surprisingly, this game comes with an “As Seen on TV” stamp.

Billed as “The wildest, wackiest, most wonderful magnetic chase game yet!!!”
Sitting on the shelf in the store, the captions on the box entice the prospective buyer:


The object of the game was to keep the robbers from getting the money, and to catch the robbers while keeping them from catching you. You could play as one of four characters being either a cop or a robber. There were two cops and two robbers. The lead robber was Fingers Harry and the lead cop was Patrolman Mike.

A classic crimefighting board game at its finest!

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