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Perry Mason Board Game

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by Transogram


Transogram, Perry Mason Board Game

Transogram’s Perry Mason Board Game

Perry Mason, a master attorney, is the main character in a series of novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner. The “Perry Mason” TV series premiered in 1957 and starred Raymond Burr. Raymond Burr appears on the cover of Transogram’s board game of the same name. An overview of the Perry Mason board game is best described from the included instruction sheet:


“Perry Mason, the famous lawyer-detective, has a full calendar of mystery detective cases to solve: The Case of the Stuttering Stenographer, The Case of the Terrified Kitten, and others. Each player takes the part of ‘detective’ Perry Mason. After interviewing clients in his office and taking their ‘case,’ he drives around the city searching for clues to solve his case and discover the ‘Missing Suspect.’ When he solves his case by putting together three important clues, he discovers the identity of the Missing Suspect. He then must capture him and bring him in his car to the Courthouse for trial. The first player to bring in his Suspect is the winner.”

Designed for 2-6 players from ages 8 and up, players are given one of eight different cases to solve. Each case has four clues. Players find the clues by moving through the city from one Perry Mason place to another. The roll of a die determines the players’ moves.

Interestingly, Transogram’s Dragnet Board Game uses the same graphics on the front cover.


Transogram, Dragnet Board Game

Transogram’s Dragnet Board Game

Also included in the game are “clue cards” and “case cards”. The “clue card” contains two clues, each with an assigned point value from 1 to 3. Players are required to collect 3 of the 4 clues listed on his “case card”. The numbers (from 3 to 9) are then added together to get a value for the player’s “suspect”.


Players are allowed to steal, trade or get new clue cards by questioning witnesses and cross-referencing a die roll on the ‘Question Witness Chart’. It’s also possible for more than one player to be after the same suspect. The first person to deliver a suspect to the courthouse wins.

Transogram estimates this game to take about 60 minutes. To us, that’s an hour of flat-out case-solving, detective fun!

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