Battery Powered


by Kenner

Talking dolls were all the rage in 1972. So, in 1972 Kenner came out with a very unique talking doll. Her name is Gabbigale. Gabbigale stands 18 inches tall and has a fully jointed body made of hard plastic. Her head is a soft vinyl with painted on eyes and a smiling painted mouth. And Gabbigale says everything.

Gabbigale comes in both Caucasian and African American. The Caucasian version has blonde rooted hair and blue painted eyes. ...

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Monster Lab

by Ideal

In 1964 the Ideal Toy Company came out with what would become the “Holy Grail” collectible for monster toy collectors.

The Ideal Monster Lab was first introduced in 1964, and made its first public appearance on the Magilla Gorilla T.V. show. According to Popular Mechanics magazine in December of 1964, “Opponents try to keep the monster away from their end of the Monster Lab as buttons make him walk back and forth. If he reaches either end ...

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Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kids

by Mattel

The Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid is ironically one of the best-functioning Cabbage Patch dolls ever made. The doll comes with plastic food that it “eats”. When you put the plastic food in the doll’s mouth, the food reappears in the doll’s backpack. The coolest part is that when the doll “eats”, its mouth moves up and down like it’s chewing. It was no surprise that ...

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Trik Trak Dare Devil Stunt Car Set

by Transogram

In the mid-1960s, Transogram released its successful battery operated car toy, the Trik Trak. It came in a variety of sets including the starter “Cross Country Road Rally” set and the “Dare Devil” set pictured here. The playsets touted a “variety of layouts for play all over the house” and “no assembly required, ready to run on any flat surface”.

No electrical connections were required; the car ran ...

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