Food Related

Clanky Chocolate Syrup

by Family Foods, Chicago, IL

 In the early 1960s, the Space Race was on. Nearly anything space-related was an instant hit.

Distributed by Family Foods, Chicago, Illinois, beginning in 1963, Clanky Chocolate Flavored Syrup quickly became a childhood favorite. The brown plastic container stood approximately 9.5″ tall and contained a handy cap that did not require removal to dispense the syrup.

Clanky Chocolate Syrup was ...

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Mr. Potato Head

by Hasbro

On April 30, 1952, Mr. Potato Head became the first toy ever advertised on television. In just the first year, over one million kits were sold. Since its invention, Mr. Potato Head has been on television, in movies, and has had his own comic strip. Mr. Potato Head has also acted as spokesperson for a number of causes.

Mr. Potato Head was originally called “Funny Face Man” by his inventor George Lerner. It was in 1949 that ...

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