Wind Up

Prameta Windup Diecast Automobile

by Kolner Prameta

One of the nicest collectible car toys from the 1940s-1950s is a diecast wind up car by Prameta Kolner. The car was made in occupied West Germany Brit Zone, after World War Two. These wonderful toys came in a shiny chrome finish or black, as well as yellow, red, blue, cream and green, with differing shades and tones of these colors. Some of the uniquely awesome features of these cars is their front turning wheels ...

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Madcap Molly, the Do It All Dolly

by Kenner

In 1971, Kenner introduced us to Madcap Molly, the Do-It-All Dolly.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines “madcap” as, marked by capriciousness, recklessness, or foolishness. The key word here is “or” because Madcap Molly is neither reckless nor foolish. She’ll graciously accept the label, “capricious”, thank you vey much. “Impulsive”, “unpredictable”, “changeable” or “volatile” – this girl knows who she is and where she’s going. Molly is a girl on a mission.

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Thunderstreak Hydrofoil

by Ideal

Thunderstreak! Thunderstreak! Thunderstreak!

The new super speed hydrofoil with five-position hydrin, you set for action.
Rev up the high-power prop… (Wind the rubber band.) Position the rudder… Check your course.
Thunderstreak speeds across water! For submarine action, it crash dives under water! Thunderstreak propels itself on maneuvers. You can make it turn, make it roll or bank! Then, Thunderstreak rises, surfaces and speeds away!
Take Thunderstreak on ...

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