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1972 Zuniga Metal Owl Sculpture – Forks and Spoons

by Raul Zuniga

Here’s a cool, vintage throwback to the 1970s. An owl sculpture made from forks and spoons. This sculpture was designed by the talented and eclectic artist Raul Zuniga. Zuniga is a master at transforming ordinary tableware into works of art.

In an article about Raul Zuniga from Popular Mechanics (August 1966), the author refers to Mr. Zuniga as a spoon-fed artist. The article goes on to say Zuniga makes his living from spoons, which he welds together into pieces of sculpture. In 1966, Raul Zuniga said he used some 10,000 spoons per year – plus other tableware – in his work. This far out metal owl is mounted on a black wood base. An informational card about the artist is included, and is signed by the artist. This beautiful owl sculpture will look awesome in your 1970s den or living room.

Oh, the 1970s. Bring back the good times. Get the feeling again!

Approximate Dimensions:

Owl Sculpture
4 3/4″ t x 3″ w
3″ x 3″


Most excellent, with mild patina.
Signed booklet is in great shape.


Raul Zuniga was involved in a criminal case about a stolen Chagall painting.
~ New York Times article here: ~

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