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Gilbert Toys American Flyer Train Factory Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kid by Mattel The Mighty Zeroids by Ideal Aurora Stunt and Drag Race Set Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Mission Control Center - Action Figure Kenner SSP Racers for 1972

G.I. Joe and Authentic Equipment from Hasbro The Outer Space Men - by Colorforms Beautiful Crissy Growing Hair Doll by Ideal Carry-All Action Play Sets - by Marx Borden Cracker Jack Commercial, 1965 Vintage 1960s JC Penneys Toy Commercial

Mattel Living Barbie, 1970 Clanky Chocolate Syrup Commercial Marx Green Machine Ideal Thunderstreak Hydrofoil Gilbert Toys promotional film, long version, 1963 Mattel Flying Aces Flight Decks

Cheerios Cereal with Moon Rocket Kit offer Parker Brothers Funny Bones Game Transogram Monkey's Uncle Game American Character Bonanza Action Figures Transogram Swing Wing Ideal Mouse Trap Game

Mattel Toys Slogan - Brought To You By... Mattel V-RROOM! Whip Racer Lionel Train with Missile Firing Car and Targets Mattel Toy factory in the 1950s, Mattel's Jack-in-the-Music-Box toy Trik-Trak Dare Devil Stunt Car Set by Transogram Major Matt Mason by Mattel

Gilbert Toys American Flyer Train commercial Gilbert Toys Autorama Race Set

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