The Playground Game

by Various or Unknown Manufacturers

One of a stack of low-budget board-type games. The basic story is here: Vintage Games and Playing Pieces. There’s a list of the games below.

This looks like an early version of the popular game, Chutes and Ladders.

For The Playground, each player selects a marker and places it on START. Players spin in turn and move their markers according to the total of the inner and outer circles. From number 50-up, move only according to the number on the inner circle.

If a player lands on a square already covered by an opponent, he has to put his marker 1 space behind the opponent. Every time a player lands on a green square, he moves his marker (forward or up) to the blue square which is connected by a picture. If a player lands on a purple square, he moves his marker back (or down) to the connected red square. Player first reaching FINISH or beyond, wins.

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