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Les & Taylor


We’re always on the lookout for vintage toys and other cool playthings and accessories that you used to rave about – items that make you say, “I gotta have one of those…” or “I used to have one of these…” or “I always wanted one…”

We love vintage toys, mid-century, atomic styling, odd, punk and pop-culture. We like to pass on information – and quite often our opinions – about vintage toys and other classic stuff. We believe every item has a story and each person’s relationship with his or her stuff is unique. It’s the feeling you get when you hold the past in your hands. It’s the stuff that brings back the feeling you had when the toy was new and your mind was innocent and free. That’s why we talk, laugh, cry, and write about our stuff.

For BLiPPEE’s Shop, we seek out pop-culture, vintage and cult-classic stuff to pass on to friends like you. Check out BLiPPEE. For anyone who’s got an interest in just about anything from the 1950s through the 1990s, there’s something to see. You know the feeling. Get the feeling again!

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