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Deluxe Reading was a toy manufacturer based in Elizabethtown, New Jersey USA which produced toys under several names including: Deluxe Topper, Deluxe Toy Creations, Reading Deluxe, Topper Corp., Topper Toy Group, and Topper Toys. The Topper Toys brand was most used in print advertisement and television commercials (children’s TV).

For boys, the Johnny Lightning and Johnny Seven O.M.A toys were the most popular while for girls, the Dawn Doll. Deluxe Reading dolls were sold in the 1950s – 1970’s through supermarkets and are often referred to as Grocery Store Dolls. They were an inexpensive alternative to department store dolls, although of similar quality. The boy-toys were packaged in large, colorful boxes that could be seen from the top of grocery store shelves (the top shelf is typically unusable and this sales gimmick was used by Deluxe Reading as a selling point to retail store owners); the large, electrically-operated Crusader 101 toy car is an example of the strategy.*

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