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The Wolverine Supply and Manufacturing Company first began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1903, and was founded by Benjamin Bain and his wife. Three years later, in 1906, the company was incorporated. The earliest Wolverine toys produced were designed to move with the help of sand or marbles. These toys worked in basically the same way, but used different tools to make them move. The sand toys unloaded sand that was poured into them from the top, and the marble toys unloaded marbles from an elevated hopper.

Years later, Wolverine decided to expand their toy line to include girls’ toys. These girls’ toys were first introduced at the New York Toy Fair in March of 1918. They included tea sets, sand pails, washtubs, glass washboards, ironing boards, and miniature grocery stores.

In 1928, Wolverine again expanded their toy line with the introduction of their “Sandy Andy” and Sunny Suzy” toys. Wolverine explained that these new names covered all the toys that were not operated by sand or marbles. This line of toys included toys that had a positive mechanical action. They also had rubber wheels, and were made of strong, durable metal, with lithographed decorations. These toys included airplanes, boats, buses, and various pull toys with functioning parts and ringing bells.

Wolverine continued to expand their toy line throughout the 1930s. They survived the Great Depression and WWII, continuing to sell their new “Sandy Andy” and “Sunny Suzy” toy lines, and many of their earlier sand and marble toy lines. In the late 1950s, Span Industries bought the company. It was then that the Wolverine Supply and Manufacturing Company ceased to exist as its own entity. Their name was later changed to Today’s Kids in the 1970s.

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