It DOES compute…really.

Many people contact BLiPPEE asking us what their toy is worth. This page will give you a general idea of our philosophy with respect to classic and vintage toys, and their value. We are not appraisers. We just love toys. What you read here is based on years of experience and experiences dedicated to collecting, buying, selling, researching and most importantly, playing with the toys we love.

BLiPPEEbotIn short, anything is worth what someone will pay for it. Although many of us have retained toys from our childhoods, we find many other classic and vintage toys in “antique-type” junk and thrift stores. Estate and yard sales are cool, too. Some of the places we go to are multiple-vendor buildings with a variety of old items. In a typical hypothetical scenario, we might pay $100 for some toy. Again hypothetically, now that we own it, we might not want to sell it for less than $100 because that’s what we feel it’s worth – we must feel it’s worth $100 because that’s what we paid for it. If someone offered us $200 for that same item, we might take it. However, that offer might suddenly make a person feel differently. One may think, “If he’s willing to give me that much, maybe it’s worth more.”

To help you find out the ‘market value’ of a specific item, check out sites like Kovel’s or eBay. But when using eBay, bear in mind that just because someone is willing to pay 100 bucks for something on eBay, that 100 bucks may be a market value, but it doesn’t necessarily determine its true value. However, it gives you a definite idea of what someone will pay for it. There IS a difference.

The passion for toys here at BLiPPEE has not led any of us to investigate the specific ‘market value’ of EVERY item with which we come in contact. Basically, we know what we like and we decide what it’s worth based on our gut at the time – our gut is this: I like that toy, how much am I willing to pay for it? If I pay 100 bucks, then to me, the toy was worth 100 bucks, ‘market value’ notwithstanding.

Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Toy Steve AustinWe’ve come across some items that we’ve snatched up because to us they are worth more than the asking price. But ultimately, we bought the items because we are fans of the toy, or the toy maker, not as an investment. My grandpa always told me that if I wanted to collect something, “…make sure it’s something you like, just in case it’s not worth anything.” I got his point. We get the toys because we like them. It’s as simple as that.

Buying toys as an investment is another story altogether. At BLiPPEE, we have a substantial investment in toys, but we’re not investors. We just like toys. Doesn’t everybody?

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