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Baby Play-A-Lot

by Mattel

Introduced by Mattel in 1971, Baby Play-A-Lot plays. A LOT! Here’s another fully functional, playing doll from Mattel that actually works – or rather, plays. Every little girl’s dream companion, Baby Play-A-Lot pretends to do 6 different things:

She washes dishes
Combs her hair
Brushes her teeth
Eats dinner
Plays with her toys
Plays tea party

Baby Play-A-Lot also has 20 toys to share! Just pull the “action ring”, push the “action switch” and have fun. This cute vintage doll wants to be your friend. The instruction booklet even gives some sound advice, plus accessories to help follow through: “Keep Baby Play-A-Lot toys neat and tidy. They all fit in her toybox with the table as a cover.”

Comes with scissors, comb, brush, mirror, table, 2 cups, 1 pitcher, 2 barrettes, toothbrush, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, dish scrubber, 2 plates, toy clown, a sink/toy box and complete instruction booklet.

Approximate size:
Mattel began in 1945 by producing picture frames and miniature furniture made of polyurethane left over from the manufacturer of airplane nose cones.

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