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Baby Won’t Let Go

by Kenner

Kenner, Baby Won't Let Go

Kenner, Baby Won’t Let Go

In 1977 Kenner released a unique doll called “Baby Won’t Let Go”. She isn’t the cutest doll, but she does something – she has the ability to hold onto your fingers like a real baby. When she does this, you can “teach” her how to walk. This is an interesting feature, because with all the other toy companies out there vying to make the most life like doll, this is one thing real babies do that many people don’t think about; at least they don’t think about it as it relates to dolls.

Kenner, Baby Won't Let Go - boxWe’ve decided to put this delightful doll into our category, “Are They Serious?” for a few reasons. “Baby Won’t Let Go” is not even a cool name. Kenner’s usually reliable marketing department (or whomever it was that came up with this name in 1977) really blew it on this one. Simply, “Tiffany, the baby that won’t let go” or something like that, would have been an improvement. Secondly, the face on this doll is pretty generic. Although sweet looking, she lacks the striking personality of Crumpet or Brikette or even the similarly no-named Upsy Baby. The half-sleepy, half-smile, mouth open, painted on eyelashes, blank-stare look doesn’t do it for BLiPPEE.

“Baby Won’t Let Go” measures 17 inches tall. She has blonde rooted hair and big blue painted eyes. She wears a short pink sweater dress and white panties. Her body is a hard plastic and her hands are soft rubber which enables her to grip. The type of rubber used in her hands however, doesn’t age well and over time turns a darker brown color. Under certain circumstances, “Baby Won’t Let Go” could end up with brownish-colored hands and a pink body. She came with two accessories, a pink baby rattle and a blue squeeze toy.

Kenner, Baby Won't Let Go

Kenner, Baby Won’t Let Go, closeup

Kenner, Baby Won't Let Go

Note the hand, discolored from age.

“Baby Won’t Let Go” was marketed towards children ages 3 and up, and originally cost $13.99. Yes, the no-name, no personality doll that grips your fingers is a doll that only its 3-to-5-year-old mother could love. But that’s who “Baby Won’t Let Go” is intended to please. As for Kenner’s 1977 Marketing department, it’s obvious that’s all that mattered.
“Baby Won’t Let Go” is not destined to be a classic, but she’s a nice addition to a doll collection of unique 1970s-era dolls. Nice try, Kenner – I guess.

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  1. Lisa Lopez  December 29, 2021

    I had one & remember the rubber on her hands wore off in some spots

  2. Sarah Snider  April 22, 2013

    Odd? Perhaps, yes…but she just entered my wish list for that very reason! 🙂


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