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Bonanza Action Figures

by American Character

From American Character, these action figures are based on Bonanza, an American western television series that aired on NBC from September 12, 1959 to January 16, 1973. The show ran for 14 seasons and 431 episodes. Bonanza is second only to Gunsmoke, as the longest running western television series. Still in syndication, it stars Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon and David Canary. Yes, it’s the action men from Bonanza – the Cartwrights! The television commercial says they’re the greatest western toys ever.

You could get:

  • Little Joe – the fastest left-handed draw in the west.
  • Ben – the toughest pioneer who ever rode the plains.
  • Hoss – always ready for a good fight.
  • The Outlaw – It is believed that Adam Cartwright was planned as a fourth action figure. When Pernell Roberts left the series in 1965, the figure dressed in black (like Adam) received a mustache and a new name: “The Outlaw”.

Adam was the oldest son, played by Pernell Roberts from 1959 to 1965. Although Adam was not included in this awesome set, you could still get “The Outlaw”. He was “the meanest desperado you ever saw!”

Also available was the trail blazing, 4-in-1 Bonanza wagon. This versatile covered wagon was capable of becoming an ore-carrying wagon, chuck wagon, or ranch wagon. Each Cartwright came with over a dozen accessories. Each horse had “Action Hooves” with ball bearings to really ride the range! You could buy Little Joe’s Pinto, Hoss’s Stallion and Ben’s big Buckskin.

The action men from Bonanza will put you right in the wild west! Part numbers with action figure and set details are below.

American Characters, Ben CartwrightAmerican Characters, Hoss CartwrightThe Cartwrights . . . as well-known to every child as his own family. Ben, Hoss, Little Joe and the Outlaw, each 9″ high. With movable arms, legs and heads . . . they can stand, sit, kneel, even ride in the saddle. Each has his own horse, and you can get the sensational 4-in-1 Bonanza wagon, the greatest western wagon ever built! The Bonanza action men can be bought each packaged with his own horse.

Each action figure originally cost $4.00, each horse was $3.00. You could purchase the items in a set, action figure and horse, for $7.00.

Every horse came with the same accessories: saddle, cinch strap, saddle bags, bed roll, bridle and reins.

The print ad below incorrectly names Ben’s Buckskin horse a Palomino. The horses are: #4010 Ben’s, #4011 Little Joe’s Pinto, #4012 Hoss’s Stallion, #4013 The Outlaw’s Horse.

#4000 Ben Cartwright came with gun, holster, gun belt, rifle, hat, vest, bandanna, 2 spurs, 2 spur straps, canteen, lariat, rifle holster.

#American Characters, Little Joe's Horse4001 Little Joe Cartwright came with gun, left-handed holster, gun belt, rifle, hat, bandanna, 2 spurs, 2 spur straps, canteen, lariat, rifle holster.

#4002 Hoss Cartwright came with gun, holster, gun belt, rifle, hat, vest, bandanna, 2 spurs, 2 spur straps, canteen, lariat, rifle holster.

#4003 The Outlaw came with gun, holster, gun belt, rifle, hat, vest, bandanna, 2 spurs, 2 spur straps, canteen, lariat, rifle holster.

The sets are #4020 Ben and Horse, #4021 Little Joe and Horse, #4022 Hoss and Horse.

American Characters, Bonanza Action Figures Print Ad

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  1. Doug  August 18, 2016

    Just picked up the 4in1 wagon with all accessories in tact in great condition with the box ,the box corners are rough but are all there what is something like this worth ?

    • Wes  October 1, 2016

      wish I had a better answer than ‘all you can get’. lol. seriously though, the wagon is hard-to-find with a 70-odd pieces and accessories so it’s sure to be a valuable ‘find’ for you. I’d be interested to see pictures with the box; collected all the bonanza men at one time and I don’t think I’ve seen the wagon box.

  2. Taylor  November 17, 2011

    I have a Bonanza Hoss Figure and Bonanza Big Little Book posted on ebay.

    • Les  November 17, 2011

      That’s cool, Taylor. I like the book, too.

  3. Eli  July 28, 2011

    I’ve got the super rare American Characters Bonanza Coyote Figure. Will be up on Ebay shortly. Check out our store!

  4. Keith  July 24, 2011

    Does anyone know where to get replacement hands for these?

    • Les  July 24, 2011

      Hey Keith. I Tweeted this for you from @BLiPPEE… hope we find some Cartwright appendages for you!

  5. Les  July 2, 2011

    The set (below) on eBay is nice, and a rare find indeed. Any fan would be proud to own it. It’s amazing that so many parts and accessories are included.

  6. Bonanza-set  July 2, 2011

    I have a whole set of these figurines for sale on eBay right now.


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