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Clanky Chocolate Syrup

by Family Foods, Chicago, IL

 In the early 1960s, the Space Race was on. Nearly anything space-related was an instant hit.

clanky the robot chocolate syrup

Here’s a closeup of Clanky’s label.

clanky chocolate syrup

Clanky the Robot Chocolate Syrup – your breakfast, lunch and snack buddy!

Distributed by Family Foods, Chicago, Illinois, beginning in 1963, Clanky Chocolate Flavored Syrup quickly became a childhood favorite. The brown plastic container stood approximately 9.5″ tall and contained a handy cap that did not require removal to dispense the syrup.

Clanky Chocolate Syrup was delicious in milk, hot chocolate and over ice cream. Or hey, when mom wasn’t looking, just squirt some straight into your mouth for that awesome kids-only sugar high!

A simple snip of the point on the yellow cap and you were ready to go!

Clanky the Robot Chocolate Syrup. With a face only a kid could love.



There was a pretty cool television commercial for Clanky Chocolate Syrup as well. The jingle was catchy, sung by a group of children of course! Watch the TV commercial up there. The jingle is here.



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