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Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain

by Super Syrups, Inc.

Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.

Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.

Here it is! It’s a real soda fountain to make your own sodas, sundaes and other recipes. This is the Cocoa Marsh toy Soda Fountain. Distributed by Super Syrups, Inc., this very cool toy originally included a free jar of Cocoa Marsh packed inside the box.

Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.

Although Cocoa Marsh issued this toy soda fountain before our time, we couldn’t help but snag this beauty from a local “antique” store. It’s one of those stores with a sign outside that reads, “Antiques”, but it’s not really an antique store. You know the kind, one of those places with a huge collection of old stuff, thrift items and junk. Seems like it’s this type of place that you inevitably find some of the neatest treasures.

Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.

Cool store display

The Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain doesn’t have the word “toy” anywhere on the box. But this is a toy that kids from 3 to 93 would enjoy. This toy is unbreakable and washable. There are compartments for cherries, nuts, sprinkles and ice cream. Truly imitating a real soda fountain, the Cocoa Marsh soda fountain comes with individual dispensers for 4 syrup flavors, soda water, milk, etc. This is a toy that can provide hours of fun making real sodas, sundaes and ice cream treats!

Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.The box indicates that Super Syrups, Inc. is located at River Road, West New York, New Jersey. It states the patent is pending. Also imprinted on the box are store display instructions. What a super swell toy!


Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.Cocoa Marsh chocolate syrup was a product of The Taylor-Reed Corporation, an American food manufacturer and packager that operated from 1939 to approximately 1977. Its founders were Malcolm P. Taylor (1911-2000) and Charles M. D. Reed (1911-2008). From its operations on Crescent Street in Glenbrook, Connecticut, Taylor-Reed specialized in a Cocoa Marsh, E-Z Pop popcorn and Q-T Instant cake frosting as well as a variety of bulk institutional foods.

Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountain by Super Syrups, Inc.The company originally packaged sugar and chocolate rations for the War Department. The company advertised Cocoa Marsh extensively on children’s programming in the New York City television market during the 1950s and 1960s.

Taylor and Reed retired from day-to-day business around 1970. The company slowly concluded operations as a food manufacturer and finally sold its premises. Appropriately, the old factory’s main driveway off Crescent St. is now officially designated Taylor Reed Place.

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  1. Les - admin  February 13, 2012

    Hi Debi.

    Please check out > this link < for our general opinion. I only halfheartedly apologize that the article doesn’t give you a specific dollar amount. To retain BLiPPEE’s credibility, I would not want to devalue or over-value our Cocoa Marsh Soda Fountains by doing so.

    However, I can state that I have seen one sell for $99 in good condition in the box. The one pictured here was a fantastic bargain at $20 some years ago.

  2. Debi  February 5, 2012

    I have a Cocoa Marsh soda fountain also – how much is it worth?


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