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Cocoa Puffs Miniature Deck of Author Cards

by General Mills

Gadzooks! He’s not only cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs – he’s cuckoo for a miniature deck of cards in a game called “Authors”! This is a complete set of the intriguing tactical game that is so fun, you’ll find yourself forgetting all about those reruns of Dallas. “Authors” – it’s fun, it’s full of mind bending strategy. But watch out, it’s addicting!

Take this fun set of “Authors” cards with you wherever you go. Amaze your friends with your knowledge of authors! Test your friends’ knowledge. It’s another one of those special cereal prizes you always wanted.

Remember the good old days when the prizes you got in the cereal box were really worth keeping? Remember when you could actually play with the toys? Remember when you could actually keep them for a while because they were made to last long enough to have fun with? Remember when they made toys you could actually hold in your hand and trade with your friends? Those days were awesome. Re-live them with your kids or grandkids. This awesome deck of cards is straight out of the 1970s! Came complete with 28 cards – 7 authors, each with 4 cards.
Includes instructions and box.

Introduced in 1958, Cocoa Puffs are essentially Kix cereal with chocolate flavoring. Kix cereal is produced in the same factories as Cocoa Puffs, but differs in density and circumference.

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