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Count Chocula Flicker Ring

by General Mills

Here’s the ultimate cereal premium toy! The Count Chocula flicker ring! You always wanted one, but your mom wouldn’t buy any of the good cereal with all those marshmallows. Now that Count Chocula has been re-released and is in stores again, it’s time you took another look at that totally awesome flicker ring you envied all those years ago.

Remember the good old days when the prizes you got in the cereal box were really worth keeping? Remember when you could actually play with the toys? Remember when you could actually keep them for a while because they were made to last long enough to have fun with? Remember when they made toys you could actually hold in your hand and trade with your friends? Those days were awesome. Re-live them with your kids or grandkids. This awesome ring is straight out of the 1970s!

Approximately 1.25 inches tall
Approximately 1 inch wide
Approximately .75 inches deep

First introduced by General Mills along with the strawberry-flavored Franken Berry in October 1971, Count Chocula was originally called “Dr. Count Chocula”.

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