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Crumpet, the Tea Party Doll

by Kenner

Have a party with Crumpet!

Crumpet by Kenner, frontReleased in 1971 by Kenner-General Mills, Crumpet is the perfect hostess for every little girl’s tea party. She turns and bows to greet her guests, pours the tea and serves it, too. Crumpet comes dressed in a gorgeous red velvet dress with matching red shoes. Under the dress is a cute, long-sleeved white shirt printed with pink and red flowers and matching panties. The shirt cuffs and collar are pretty, white lace.

Crumpet by Kenner, rear

BLiPPEE’s Crumpet has cute little white socks that go nicely with the outfit. We’ve seen other Crumpet dolls wearing these same white socks, although the pictures of her on the box do not show them on the doll. Kenner’s Crumpet is one of the prettiest dolls around. She has a warm, friendly smile and a cute dimple on her chin. Her beautiful blue eyes (on the white model) open and close graciously as she serves the tea and cookies. Her lustrous hair is blonde and brush-able and is topped off with a red headband to match her dress.

Crumpet by Kenner, serving tea

This wonderful little playmate comes with a serving table, teapot with lid, 4 cups, 4 saucers and 1 serving plate. She is powered by 1 “D” battery, which of course, is not included. Here are basic instructions to get going with Crumpet:

On the back of the doll, remove the battery cover and insert the “D” battery. Replace the cover. Set up Crumpet as depicted on the box (or in the instructions), sitting her on the floor or table top. Place her serving table in front of her with one of the teacups in the magnetic ring on the table. Place the handle of the teapot in Crumpet’s right hand as shown. Just a short pull on the string in Crumpet’s back starts the motion.

Crumpet’s eyelids will appear to close as she looks gracefully downward while pouring the tea. As she rotates to the left, the edge of the teapot touches the edge of the teacup. The continued rotation at Crumpet’s waist causes the teapot’s spout to tilt downward into the cup. With the serving tray in Crumpet’s left hand, Crumpet rotates in the opposite direction, appearing to offer cookies (or whatever you’ve placed on the tray) to her guests.

Crumpet by Kenner, African American, black

This is an awesome doll. She was also available in an African-American (advertised as black) version. The example of the African-American Crumpet shown here came with a beautiful, emerald green (or yellow) velvet dress with matching shoes (this example has white) and headband, black hair and beautiful brown eyes. With the exception of skin color, this Crumpet is identical in features and looks when compared to the white doll, right down to the wonderful smile and cute dimple in her chin.

Tracy's Tea Party, by Palitoy, box front

Tracy's Tea Party, by Palitoy

In the United Kingdom, Palitoy issued a nearly carbon copy of Crumpet. This doll was marketed and sold as “Tracy’s Tea Party”. Tracy came in a box that was shaped differently (more square than rectangular). She was also dressed differently. Our example sports a pretty blue dress with cute yellow, purple, pink and white accents and an adorable white, lacy apron with a blue tie. Tracy also comes with a matching blue headband and matching blue shoes.

Although the box has the Palitoy emblem, the back of Tracy’s head still displays Kenner’s own name, indicating Tracy is actually a United Kingdom Crumpet. The look and feel, right down to the chin dimple, is identical.

Whether white, black, Crumpet or Tracy, your beautiful hostess comes with the same color accessories. You get an orange or yellow teapot with a contrasting lid, orange or yellow teacups, an orange or yellow serving plate and a white table with an orange or yellow base.

Crumpet by Kenner, ad from November 1971

Crumpet by Kenner, ad from November 1971

Crumpet by Kenner, ad from November 1971

Crumpet by Kenner, ad from November 1971

Originally selling for around $12.00 US, with a little looking around in 1971, the frugal shopper could find them for $10.00 US or less. Whichever model you get, in whatever color, you will have a wonderful toy. Crumpet is one of our favorite dolls and one of our favorite all-time toys. Get Crumpet or Tracy if you can. Have a tea party!


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  1. Silvy  April 17, 2017

    Hi, i just purchased her black version, but doesn’t work, i’d like to put her back together, she is amazing!! I hope i find someone that makes her work again. 🙂

  2. Christy  February 9, 2017

    I have this doll saved from my childhood,in great condition, i was wondering if anybody knows what she’s worth now?

    • Les - admin  February 9, 2017

      Hi Christy.

      At BLIPPEE’S etsy store, we sold Crumpet complete except for the teapot lid for $50 plus shipping. Our Crumpet was in great condition, the box was fair to good. If everything is complete and in excellent condition, it would be worth more, in our opinion. I hope that helps!

    • Sirina  July 13, 2018


      I would like to purchase your Kenner Crumpet doll if it’s still available.

      Thank you.

  3. Kelly Miller  June 19, 2012


    Hello. I’ve been searching for this tea party doll that moves for a long time. Finally found her. I would like her as part of my collection of 50 dolls or more that I have collected over the years. Are you selling this doll at all? I would like to purchase her and the tea party. Please email me as soon as possible. Like I said I would like to purchase her. She would be going to a good, safe home.

    Kelly Miller / Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    • Angela Knight  August 31, 2012

      I have a Crumpet doll that I got for Christmas in 1971. In excellent condition. Doll is in box never played with. For some reason the tea set is missing. Would like to sell if price is right.

    • sherry  June 13, 2022

      I have one in the box. I can be reached at 727-250-9304

  4. Christine Porter  May 13, 2012

    I have a Crumpet doll but i an in need of her tea set and table please contact me at the email above my doll is in very good shape.

    Thank you,


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