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Food Fighters

by Mattel

Mattel, Food Fighters, Mean Weener Mattel released these action figures in 1988 and 1989. They subsequently experienced an unfortunate drawn-out life lasting into the early ’90s. I know a couple of kids who actually liked these strange, hollow-rubber monstrosities. One of them went on vacation and never returned from a Princess Cruise. The other guy still plays with Food Fighters in his mom’s basement while listening non-stop to Pablo Cruise.

>What…the…heck? I mean, seriously, humanoid food in military garb? The coolest thing about these fighting figurines was the name “Mean Weener”. Today, the Food Fighters have become somewhat of a novelty for collectors. Here’s the scoop:

Mattel, Food Fighters, Chip The RipperThe Food Fighters consisted of two teams, the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys were Kitchen Commandos with black boots, green uniforms and red weapons. The bad guys were Refrigerator Rejects with brown boots, black uniforms and blue weapons. All sported removable backpacks.

Reportedly, the Food Fighters never made it big because they didn’t have a cartoon to back them up. Could the real reason be because they weren’t all that appealing to kids? Its possible the Food Fighters, touted as, “Combat At Its Kookiest!” could have been dubbed, “Combat At Its Lamest.”

Here are some cool Fighters and accessories BLiPPEE has sold:

Mattel Food Fighters - Mean Weener!

Food Fighter Accessories

  • The Combat Carton, an egg carton with a ketchup bottle cannon
  • The Fry Chopper, a frying pan helicopter
  • The BBQ Bomber, a grill with a spatula catapult
  • The never-released Refrigerator play set, the Kitchen Commandos’ base

Mattel Food Fighters - Major Munch!

The Kitchen Commandos

  • Burgerdier General, a cheeseburger
  • Major Munch, a doughnut (available with chocolate glaze or red glaze)
  • Lieutenant Legg, a chicken drumstick
  • Sergeant Scoop, an ice cream cone (available as chocolate ice cream or sherbet)
  • Private Pizza, a slice of pepperoni pizza


Mattel Food Fighters - Mean Weener!

The Refrigerator Rejects

  • Mean Weener, a hot dog
  • Chip the Ripper, a chocolate chip cookie (also available as a macadamia cookie)
  • Short Stack, a stack of pancakes (available with maple syrup or purple syrup)
  • Taco Terror, a taco
  • Fat Fry, a carton of French fries

Mattel Food Fighters - BBQ Bomber Assault Vehicle!





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  1. Fartknocker  October 24, 2019

    I have some of theses and a Princess Cruises watch.


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