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Trik Trak Dare Devil Stunt Car Set

by Transogram

Here's a cool ad from a comic book.

Here’s a cool ad from a comic book.

In the mid-1960s, Transogram released its successful battery operated car toy, the Trik Trak. It came in a variety of sets including the starter “Cross Country Road Rally” set and the “Dare Devil” set pictured here. The playsets touted a “variety of layouts for play all over the house” and “no assembly required, ready to run on any flat surface”.

No electrical connections were required; the car ran on one “C” battery (not included). The “Cross Country” playset included the motorized sports car, a set of scenic displays and 9 pieces of Trak with banked curves.

Transogram Trik Trak Dare Devil Stunt SetThe Dare Devil stunt set boasts:

“It’s the exciting new Dare Devil Trik Trak with the incredible Dolphin Racer. It’s gear-driven for longer battery life.”

This set is truly action-packed, with tricks and tracks. It’s thrilling, spilling, crashing and smashing!

The new Dare Devil Trik Trak is full of fantastic tricks:

  • A sensational new steering track.
  • A wall of logs.
  • A teeter-totter.
  • And it’s up, up, up and over we go. A somersault flip. (Isn’t that at least mildly redundant?)
  • And now, you can run straight through a fly-apart house.

In 1977, Remco’s rare Trik Trak set was the Batman-themed “Hot Pursuit”, which included the Batmobile. From Remco’s 1977 Toy Catalog:

“Enter Batman’s world with Remco’s new Trik-Trak. Demand for more exposure of this Super Hero reaffirms his undiminishing popularity and universal appeal. Enter Batman’s World in your sleek Batmobile. Weave and wind your way along his private streets amid colorful backdrops of Gotham City. Track Batman’s underworld enemies, as he does. The streets of Gotham City explode in a collage of dazzling color, with 6 curved and 2 straight tracks, surrounded by colorful backdrops of his town. There’s no way his sinister foes can outwit Batman–and you. Tracks can stretch from room to room, extending hours of excitement. Now, you can join Batman in his fight against crime.”

The original 1960s Transogram Trik Trak playsets required patience, planning, creativity, dexterity, physical movement and participation from the user.

Hours of enjoyment brought to you by Transogram, where the fun comes from!

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