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Sid Davis Kiddies Coloring Cut-Out Masks

by Davis Publishing Company – copyright 1948

Sid Davis Kiddie MasksFor boys and girls. Fun for parties, prizes, holidays and all year ’round! Series 201. Trade Mark Sid Davis. Copyright 1948, Davis Publishing Company, Incorporated – Los Angeles, California.




Sid Davis Kiddie Mask - Ape

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Design-A-Matic Woodburning Set

by Eldon Toys

In 1968, kids enjoyed Eldon’s Design-A-Matic Woodburning Set. This 14-piece craft kit left little to the imagination because it came with 8 “Easy To Make” wood plaques. The plaques were pre-colored with the imprinted design a reddish-orange tint. The idea hasn’t changed much over the years: Heat up the woodburning tool and change the red to brown by burning the wood with the tool.

The basic set included plaques that were pre-printed with a Clown, a ...

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Mr. Potato Head

by Hasbro

On April 30, 1952, Mr. Potato Head became the first toy ever advertised on television. In just the first year, over one million kits were sold. Since its invention, Mr. Potato Head has been on television, in movies, and has had his own comic strip. Mr. Potato Head has also acted as spokesperson for a number of causes.

Mr. Potato Head was originally called “Funny Face Man” by his inventor George Lerner. It was in 1949 that ...

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Aurora Monster Model Figure Kits

by Aurora

The first models offered by Aurora were their “Famous Fighters” aircraft kits. However, Aurora’s “figure kits” proved to be their biggest sellers. After releasing the series, “Knights in Armor”, among other historical figures, Aurora acquired a license from Universal Studios to create a series of kits based on Universal monsters. This was a wise business move as the Universal monsters became Aurora’s most popular offerings.

In 1961, Aurora issued the Frankenstein kit. Twelve ...

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