Science Fiction

Clanky Chocolate Syrup

by Family Foods, Chicago, IL

 In the early 1960s, the Space Race was on. Nearly anything space-related was an instant hit.

Distributed by Family Foods, Chicago, Illinois, beginning in 1963, Clanky Chocolate Flavored Syrup quickly became a childhood favorite. The brown plastic container stood approximately 9.5″ tall and contained a handy cap that did not require removal to dispense the syrup.

Clanky Chocolate Syrup was ...

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Monster Lab

by Ideal

In 1964 the Ideal Toy Company came out with what would become the “Holy Grail” collectible for monster toy collectors.

The Ideal Monster Lab was first introduced in 1964, and made its first public appearance on the Magilla Gorilla T.V. show. According to Popular Mechanics magazine in December of 1964, “Opponents try to keep the monster away from their end of the Monster Lab as buttons make him walk back and forth. If he reaches either end ...

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Aurora Monster Model Figure Kits

by Aurora

The first models offered by Aurora were their “Famous Fighters” aircraft kits. However, Aurora’s “figure kits” proved to be their biggest sellers. After releasing the series, “Knights in Armor”, among other historical figures, Aurora acquired a license from Universal Studios to create a series of kits based on Universal monsters. This was a wise business move as the Universal monsters became Aurora’s most popular offerings.

In 1961, Aurora issued the Frankenstein kit. Twelve ...

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